5 Star ***** reviews of my yoga classes!

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I've been teaching yoga for 9 years now and my students tend to leave/float out of my class having had their sometimes over-thinking minds rested. This is a wonderful tonic but it means I rarely get a chance to hear their feedback. This is why it's been wonderful to introduce the reviews feature to my Justine Yoga Wirral Facebook page.

Here's what people are saying about my classes (and I haven't even paid them!)...

***** "I always feel 100 times better when I walk out the room, than when I walked in. Invigorating and energising, Justine has all the technical know-how but delivers it in a refreshingly down to earth manner." - Fiona Duckers

***** "I've been attending Justines's classes for a couple of years now and what an excellent teacher she is. Justine always gives options for all levels. Her classes are varied and always challenging in a good way : ). If you haven't tried Justine's class give it a go : )" - Ibby Flower

***** "The classes are energising, challenging and demanding. They are also fun and inclusive. Justine always offers alternative poses and positions for those of us who can't quite get our bodies to do that (yet). I love that each week is 'themed' in that we focus on twists, stretches, building core strength. It feels purposeful." - Janet Flexney

Thanks SO much to those who've taken the time to comment! If you'd like to review a class that you've attended, please do so on my my Justine Yoga Wirral Facebook page.

my face when I got 5 ***** reviews for my yoga classes!