summer term dates + FREE classes for Year 11 #SweetDreamsRachelle

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Term dates and FREE YEAR 11 CLASSES #SweetDreamsRachelle

New Term Dates
The sun is shining and it's the first day of our summer term. Have a look at the term dates and please make a note that there will be no classes in Hoylake on Tuesday 12th May as I'll be away in Welshpool singing with The Poppies BUT you can attend my Thursday in Upton 1:30pm or 7:30pm class for FREE if you have booked this half term's block and request a free pass from me in advance (first come, first served as I only have certain number of free passes.)

HOYLAKE SUMMER TERM DATES (N.B. Upton classes run every week)
Tuesday 21st April
Tuesday 28th April
Tuesday 5th May
Tuesday 19th May
Tuesday 26th May
Tuesday 2nd June
*N.B. There will be no half term break this term so the next block of classes will start on 9th June.*

For the 11am class your block booking discount is £6, meaning for 6 weeks you pay just £24 instead of £30 if you choose to pay weekly at the higher 'drop-in' rate of £5/week.
For the 7pm class your block booking discount is £7.50, meaning for 6 weeks you pay just £30 instead of £37.50 if you choose to pay weekly at the higher 'drop-in' rate of £6.25/week.

On a sad note, I was devastated to hear about Rachelle Owen who died on the Hoylake railway lines last Friday. Rachelle was just 16 years old, the same age as my daughter and attended Hilbre High School. I believe this poor child had a series of difficult events which may have overwhelmed her and as a mother, the pressures ALL our teenagers are under concerns me greatly.

I would like to extend my deepest sympathies to Rachelle's family, friends and the entire community. An event like this ricochets through everyone who hears about it and even though we may not have known her personally, we are all affected. It broke my heart to see her beautiful face on the Facebook memorial page that's been set up. If only I had been walking past at the time, if only I had known her, if only I could have done something... all these thoughts are surely going through everyone's minds. It's terribly sad.

There is a beautiful memorial of flowers and candles outside Hoylake Station and crowds of teenagers have been gathering every night since, to pay their respects and I'm sure, to try and make sense of what happened. Rachelle is the second Year 11 girl to die this way in the last 6 months on the Wirral alone. As a parent and yoga teacher in this community, I've been wondering if there's anything I could do to help other Year 11s who may be feeling stressed in this run up to their GCSE exams.

For this reason and as a mark of respect, I am offering free yoga / meditation classes to all local Year 11 pupils. If any are reading this, you may think now is the worst time to start a new activity that will take time away from revision. You may not know anything about yoga/meditation and may not understand how it can help. All I would say (in brief) is that not having the skills to cope with emotional stress is a major cause of physical and mental illness (which affects ALL of us to some extent). Milder effects mean under performance in exams, more serious effects of stress can be fatal.

Yoga is not a magic wand but it can teach you quick, simple techniques for neutralising stress. It works the body, breath and brain to release stress stored as physical tension in the muscles, anxiety in the breathing and negativity in the mind. It can break the downward spiral of depression, restoring a naturally healthy outlook.

I have no idea if any Year 11s will think this a worthwhile offer so I'm not sure whether to just allow some free places or if I should set up a class just for them. The offer relates to my Tuesday 7pm-8:15pm class at Hoylake Community Centre so perhaps if you are in Year 11 and would like to attend free classes until after your GCSEs then please EMAIL ME to request a place. I'll assess the demand and decide whether to set up a new class or not.

In the meantime, let's hope this tragedy reminds us all to be kinder to everyone we meet. We just don't know what others are going through in private. Let's be extra vigilant with our 15-16 year olds as they prepare for their exams and please share this post with any parents you know with Yr11s.

I've been in touch with other local yoga teachers who would also like to offer some free places for Year 11s. You must email them via their websites first to check availability. I've included morning classes as well in case students wish to attend during revision leave.

Mondays 6:30pm-7:50pm and 8pm-9:30pm The Grange (Warren Golf Club) Grove Rd, Wallasey (2 free places in each class) Contact Chelsea on 07856 055168 or via
Mondays 7:30pm-9pm St. Hildeburgh's Church Hall, Stanley Rd, Hoylake (2-3 free places in each class) Contact Jane Orrell via Facebook
Tuesdays 11am-12pm and 7pm-8:15pm Hoylake Parade Community Centre, Hoyle Rd, Hoylake - Contact me, Justine
Tuesdays 11:30am-1pm, Newton Village Hall, Newton - Contact Katy Shay via Facebook or on 07885288490
Tuesdays 7pm-8:30pm Old Unitarian Church, 29 Brookfield Gardens, West Kirby - Contact Sad via
Thursdays 9:45am-11:15am Newton Village Hall, Newton - Contact Kate via